Our Community Grows Through Food - Feeding Northeast Florida
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Our Community Grows Through Food

Two-Time Cancer Survivor Builds Community Through Faith and Food

David Thompson

Callahan is a classic, tight-knit community where everyone seems to know everyone and citizens take care of their own. The extent of this personalized caring is embodied by the faithful volunteers at The Storehouse, one of our area’s largest food pantries housed at Callahan First Baptist Church.

The Storehouse proudly serves more than 300 people on the first and third Thursday of every month. Those facing food insecurity arrive early and wait patiently to select high-quality items, including fresh meats and produce, flavored drinks, breakfast staples, and desserts.

One thing becomes apparent when you speak with the dedicated volunteers at The Storehouse. Those seeking assistance don’t just come for the food; they are also seeking intangibles like hope, love, and comfort. The Storehouse volunteers never cease to deliver it all in abundance.

For David Thompson, a volunteer at The Storehouse, being a part of this extraordinary mission is a blessing that transcends words. A survivor of cancer, he intimately understands the depths of despair but also recognizes the transient nature of setbacks. Alongside his prayer team, David shares his journey and the boundless love of Jesus Christ with those in line, imparting the profound truth that individuals are greater than their circumstances and that no one is alone.

The messages of love and hope are received in their hearts, and David says it shows on their faces.

“You can see their happiness and peace knowing that their next meal is coming,” he shares, “it gives them such relief that they don’t have to worry about food for a few days and that we’ll always be here for them to come back to.”

As blessed as David feels to serve his community, he says he won’t be satisfied until everyone in the county is fed. In Nassau County, where Callahan First Baptist Church is located, it is estimated that nearly 9,000 people are facing food insecurity.

The Storehouse stands resolute, armed not only with ample love but also with an unwavering commitment to making a difference. Their passion fuels a relentless pursuit of ensuring that no one in the community goes without the basic necessity of food.

In the tapestry of community, The Storehouse and other Feeding Northeast Florida partner food pantries weave threads of love and sustenance, determined to eradicate hunger from our midst. The heartbeat of these endeavors is the collective strength of our community.

Whether through volunteering, donations, or simply spreading awareness, your support is a crucial stitch in this communal fabric. Together, we can ensure that no one in our community goes to bed hungry. For it is in our unity that we find the power to nourish not just bodies but spirits, creating a community where compassion and abundance prevail.

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