For Your Neighbors In Need

$1 Provides 6 Meals

In North Florida, there are 260,000 people unsure where their next meal will come from, which is enough to fill up the Jaguars stadium four times over. Your donation will have a direct impact on reducing that number.

Each day, supporters like you help people like Ivana and her daughter

Ivana found herself in survival mode when she became pregnant at 23 years old while in nursing school. Although she didn’t meet the requirements for multiple food assistance programs, she still had to ensure she and her baby were fed.

She turned to her local food pantry, which provided the sustenance she needed to concentrate on her studies and work towards a better future for her family.

Today, Ivana is a thriving nurse with a healthy daughter. She is now in a position to offer vital support to her cancer patients who face the difficult choice between treatment and proper nourishment.

These inspiring stories, made possible by the unwavering support of our dedicated donors, continue to unfold in Northeast Florida.

Who You’re Feeding

18% of active duty military experienced food insecurity.

Households headed by single mothers face a 24% food insecurity rate.

36% of working adults making $50-$100k faced food insecurity.

Adults with disabilities are 3x more likely to live in families experiencing food insecurity.

1 in 12 seniors nationwide are considered food insecure.

1 in 5 kids will go to bed hungry.