Hunger Action Month

What is Hunger Action Month?

September is Hunger Action Month, but for nearly 240,000 individuals living in Northeast Florida, hunger is a reality they face throughout the year. Due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, families on the First Coast are struggling to make ends meet — many are seeking food assistance for the first time.  

How to get involved with Hunger Action Month?

Hunger Action Month is a time when people all over America stand against hunger. Sharing, volunteering, pledging to advocate, fundraising and donating are just a few ideas for taking action this month. 

Just one hour of volunteer work generates exponential meals to feed our neighbors in need.

Tell your friends and family what you’re doing to help end hunger this month with our Social Media Toolkit.

Tell your Member of Congress not to take food from struggling families.

Thank your hard-working food bank staff and volunteers serving on the frontlines every day to help feed Northeast Florida. 

Hungry to Help?

Help Feeding Northeast Florida feed more families. $1 provides 6 meals for our neighbors in need.  

What does hunger look like in NE Florida?

Every community in America has families that experience hunger. This Hunger Action Month, learn more about hunger on the First Coast.   

Facts on Hunger Nationwide

Each year, millions of people in America face hunger. The coronavirus pandemic has caused even more families to struggle. We estimate that nearly 240,000 people may be food insecure in 2021, including 76,000 children. 

Facts on Hunger During a Pandemic

The pandemic has caused more families to seek help from food banks in the Feeding America network. We estimate that 4 in 10 people visiting our food bank now need assistance because of COVID-19. 

Facts on Childhood Hunger

Experiencing hunger during childhood can have a life-long impact on your mental and physical health and educational achievement. 1 in 5 children on the First Coast experience hunger.  

Facts on Employment

Many of the families that Feeding Northeast Florida serve work part-time or full-time jobs. However, low wages, underemployment, and necessary expenses like rent prevent families from meeting their basic needs. 

Facts on Federal Nutrition Programs

Federal nutrition programs, like SNAP and WIC, feed millions every year. Yet, many who face hunger are unlikely to qualify for these programs because they are employed or have incomes slightly above the poverty line.  

September 17 is Hunger Action Day 

Orange is the color of hunger. This Hunger Action Day, let’s come together by wearing orange and raising our voices on behalf of the millions of people facing hunger. 

Does someone you know need help? 

We all need help sometimes. You can play a vital role by letting your loved ones and neighbors know it’s okay to ask for help and sharing where they can find support. 

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