Hunger Action Month

What is Hunger Action Month?

September is Hunger Action Month. We feed military families, working dads, princesses, and over 85,000 neighbors every day. Feeding Northeast Florida provides food to over 325 partner agencies and programs, moving $75 million worth of food each year. It is only through the generosity of our community that we are able to distribute free food to those in need. Take action this month – together, we can solve hunger.

How to get involved with Hunger Action Month?

Hunger Action Month is a time when people all over America stand against hunger. Sharing, volunteering, pledging to advocate, fundraising and donating are just a few ideas for taking action this month. 

Just $1 provides 6 meals for people in need.

Tell your friends and family what you’re doing to help end hunger this month with our Social Media Toolkit.

Tell your Member of Congress not to take food from struggling families.

Volunteer and make a difference in our community!

Hungry to Help?

Help Feeding Northeast Florida feed more families. $1 provides 6 meals for our neighbors in need.  

September 23 is Hunger Action Day 

Orange is the color of hunger. This Hunger Action Day, let’s come together by wearing orange and raising our voices on behalf of the millions of people facing hunger. 

Does someone you know need help? 

We all need help sometimes. You can play a vital role by letting your loved ones and neighbors know it’s okay to ask for help and sharing where they can find support. 

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